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The Melancholy of Autumn

What makes an “autumn song?” Certainly, most of them share the melancholy of warm summer loves falling to disrepair and, ultimately, despair moving into the cold, barren winter. I don’t … Continue reading

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Time slowed, warmed, sometimes boiled in the summer heat. Or it crashed with thunder and lightning, sparking old myths and primal fears. As a child and even young teen, summer … Continue reading

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Leonard Cohen Sings Himself to Sleep

I have spent many a night with Leonard Cohen—not just listening to his music but seemingly with him in the very same room as his somnolent voice drifted in from … Continue reading

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Brasil 66 Delivers Rowdy and Smooth Vibes

Keeping with the Rio Olympics theme, here is Sergio Mendez & Brasil 66. Again, remember this music shared the AM charts with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Motown, … Continue reading

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‘Brazil’ Song is a State of Mind

In keeping with the Rio Olympics theme, I offer you the song known mostly as Brazil but also as Old Brazil and originally as Aquarela do Brasil. It was written … Continue reading

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New York state of mind as seen from above

Through the usual strange twists and turns of Internet surfing I found myself in a New York state of mind this evening. This black and white video set to Sinatra’s … Continue reading

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Dle Yaman: Song Echoes the Soul of Armenia

I don’t know how I found this song but once I did I realized that, indeed, it did sound like the very soul of Armenia. It is said that it … Continue reading

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Norwegian Wood Offered New Sound to Young Western Ears

Cynthia Lennon, first wife of Beatle John, died April 1, 2015. They were married from 1962 until 1968 with one son, Julian. Cynthia was the wife referred to when “SORRY … Continue reading

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Laura Nyro was her own genre

There was madness to Laura Nyro’s music. Some songs tip-toed gently as fairy’s feet on flower petals; others stomped like a ghetto gang charging down an alley—and any one of … Continue reading

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