Don Zerilli Mooradian

‘Brazil’ Song is a State of Mind

In keeping with the Rio Olympics theme, I offer you the song known mostly as Brazil but also as Old Brazil and originally as Aquarela do Brasil. It was written in Portuguese in 1939. The more recent modern English lyrics are different from the original ones. There are several ways this song can be interpreted. One is upbeat and makes your feet move instinctively. The other (the first half of Pink Martini before Storm almost falls out of her dress) is subtly melancholy with the sadness found in the hopeful lyrics.

Anyone who has seen Terry Gilliam’s movie Brazil can understand the feeling of the ladder interpretation: longing for a beautiful joyful world amid a dystopian society.

Gilliam’s 1985 film is prescient in many ways and very depressing. The juxtaposition of the song Brazil and the scenes from the movie are quite a contrast. Don’t watch unless you want to see a dark view of the future.


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