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Broad City: Post-feminist role models

I am told we are in a “post-feminist” society or a third or fourth wave of Feminism, depending on how or who is counting. Fine. As a Baby Boomer, I … Continue reading

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Was the Blade Runner One of ‘Them’?

I have seen Blade Runner again, this one being the Director’s Cut, the 1992 slightly altered version of Ridley Scott’s 1982 classic. It was a midnight showing at the local … Continue reading

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Trudging through Noir to Oblivion

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is an excerpt from my novel, working title Shiva’s Dance. Play the music attached at the bottom if you wish for some moody atmosphere. – Don Zerilli … Continue reading

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Laura Nyro was her own genre

There was madness to Laura Nyro’s music. Some songs tip-toed gently as fairy’s feet on flower petals; others stomped like a ghetto gang charging down an alley—and any one of … Continue reading

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